Conference Proceedings

Refereed papers and some of the keynote addresses are available for:

Wellington, New Zealand (2012)

Hong Kong (3-5 June 2009)

Chiba, JPN (5-8 October 2007)

Auckland, NZ (9-12 September 2005)

Melbourne, AUS (13-14 September 2003) 


ILA 2007 Japan Conference Proceedings - The proceedings have been registered as an online publication ISSN 2073-7513.

ILA 2005 Oceania Conference Proceedings, Auckland - The CD-Rom publication has been officially registered (ISSN 1176-7480) and was published on 9 September 2005

ILA 2003 Oceania Conference, Melbourne - The publication has been officially registered (ISSN 1176-7480), was published on 20 September 2004

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